Side by Side Plus Level 3

Side by Side Plus is a dynamic, all-skills program that builds students? general language proficiency for life skill roles in the community, family, school, and at work.

Glossary Terms
A product may contain one or more of the below components.


  • Print: Physical products that are shipped to customers. A print book may have a digital component, which can be accessed through a scratch off code inside the front cover.
  • Student Book: Coursebook available in full or split editions
  • Workbook: Practice book available in full or split editions


  • Digital: Digital products are accessed through an access code. 
  • eBook: Digital version of the book that students can access online or via a mobile device.
  • Online Practice: Extra interactive activities that reinforce the print or ebook lessons and reports to a gradebook. Ex. MyEnglishLab, Pearson English Connect, Pearson English Portal Practice.
  • Digital Resources: Depending on the product offering resources could include an app, audio program, video, and additional student resources.
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